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FOX News
Sep 24, 2013 1:00pm PDT
rid of the socialized healthcare coverage policy of president barack obama. >> neil: john mccain said it will be a cold day in arizona when we defund obamacare. in fact it may be a snow storm. almost culling it a waste of time by saying, know how the movie ends. and we don't defund obamacare. what did you think of that? >> well, i think anyone who wants to wave that white flag right now, and in this battle for economic liberty in america, is forgetting what america was built upon. america was built upon those willing to say politically speaking, i'm going to do what is right for freedom, for liberty, and if i die, i die. that's what senator ted cruz is doing. do you think he, standing up there in his quasi-filibuster, he is going to see as a result of this all of the big-named contributions coming -- pouring into his coffers and the big political architects who screwed so many things up lately, like karl rove and rick morrison, these guys who have tried to change the republican party into one that would just go along to get along, as a bunch of sheep in order to appease president obam
Sep 19, 2013 2:30pm PDT
john mccain fires back at vladimir putin with a sharp opinion piece. we go to the russian newsstands in an attempt to find it. more than five centuries after he was killed on the battlefield, plans for a possible final resting place for king richard iii have been revealed. bbc has all the details. >> a warlord and the last king of the house of york, richard iii lived and died by the sword. but for 500 years, the whereabouts of the last king were unknown. his remains were finally found a year ago in a shallow grave, and .he city claim him as its own inside leicester cathedral, test drilling is under way. plans to reenter king richard need to insure the building can withstand it. the cathedral burial plans were unveiled today. these designs show a traditional place of honor will be the site mb where ad to memorial stone now lies. lester is pressing ahead, but they have a battle on their celebrates the city's ties, and many believe king richard should be buried there. the plantagenet alliance have reviewed the decision. >> they need to stop what they are doing. they need to wait for the
Sep 3, 2013 6:00pm PDT
campaign he sang the bomb iran song. that became part of the john mccain effort to get president obama to intervene more in iran, what could possibly go wrong? senator john mccain has also been on the war path for georgia, georgia in 2008 fought a war with russia. if they were in a war with russia, john mccain wanted us to get involved in that war, as well. >> subject to russia, that involves the attack. i know i speak for every american when i say to him today we are all georgians. >> will you put the map up, what could have been john mccain wars? bomb, bomb, bomb iran, on their side, russia, oh wait, there is more, there is the war in libya, even though john mccain is not president. but if mr. john mccain had his way, it would have been the united states doing that whole thing on his own. >> if it is our policy that moammar gadhafi must go, then it seems that some action must be taken. they are not a formidable force, we are the strongest nation in the world. we should be able to take care of their defenses as well as their air assets without too much difficulty. >> shouldn't be too
Sep 6, 2013 2:30pm PDT
and their freedom. most supported the iraq war and they have repeatedly voted for john mccain. old maverick lost touch with the changing space in a nation tired of the war on terror? to see if they really want to be involved in another war in the middle east. stop, a veteran social club. michael was shot in vietnam. he is antiwar. >> it is very difficult for me to sanction anything like syria. i have seen too many young men die. unnecessarily. >> many said no. the u.s. should not strike syria. >> i have mixed feelings on it. child, i would want someone to help me. i am also concerned about our military personnel. senators and congressmen are going out and meeting with people. for john mccain, a town hall meeting is a chance to persuade the skeptical. >> we need to stay out of this. you think you speak for the majority? i talk to men and women in the military all the time. >> he thinks men and women just are not informed. >> to hecklers were removed from the room. >> the only voice of support from syrian americans. killer. is a thinks action on syria -- inaction on syria makes weak.s. appear this
Sep 13, 2013 11:35pm PDT
. senator john mccain got caught in an embarrassing moment yesterday. a photographer from "the washington post" caught him playing poker on his phone, during the first public hearing on the potential action in syria. caught playing poker on his phone. sounds like something anthony weiner would have been caught doing. and while some believe it may be inappropriate to play a video game while the committee is deciding whether or not to kill people and decide to star a war, i say the man is 114 years old, john mccain, we should be impressed he is even wearing pants. never mind the assault -- in england, newly released records show that last year alone more than 300,000 attempts were made to access pornography using computers located within english parliament. with all of those pictures of margaret thatcher hanging on the wall, how can you not? i guess that explains why the queen is always wearing gloves. some said it was not all that, they believe the ads were pop-up ads for people going on porn sites, and the ads -- so it is probably only 100,000 attempts to access porn. our politicians don'
Sep 6, 2013 8:00pm PDT
, when john mccain says it is. >> we saw on the vote in the community of foreign relations in the senate john mccain ball could at the authorization ever,000 language because it wasn't strong enough so they tweenged it. that this attack is going to degrade the syrian ability. that's different. that means affect more things and maybe tip the balance of power. what we see is this committee on foreign relations is the sliply slope. it needs to get more aggressive to buy john mccain off. gwen: you have to listen to this piece of sound from john kerry during that hearing, speaking of slippery slope, when you stalk to -- talk about exactly how far you'll go. let's listen. >> in the event syria imploded, for instance, or in the event here was a threat of a chemical weapons cache falling someone, i s of don't want to take off the table an option that might or might not be available to the president of the united states to secure our country because i don't want anything coming out of this hearing that leaves any door open to any possibility so let's shut that door now as tight as we can. gwen:
FOX News
Sep 5, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to rush out to buy. >> neil: will re -- we'll see. >> john mccain bad for playing a game. him, not me. and i'm going to tell you exactly why. ♪ [ male annouer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪ let's do our homework. ♪ let's look out for each other. let's look both ways before crossing. ♪ let's remember what's important. let's be optimistic. but just in case -- let's be ready. let'go places, safely. >>> everyone is making a big deal about this famous shot of john mccain. like a poker game on his smartphone during the senate hearings. everyone seems off ended. commentators are blasting him. they are saying get tough with syria was not at all serious about this super serious hearing on syria. seriously? did you watch that hearing? did you get anything out of it? because i sure didn't. more than three mind numbing hours of it and i still don't know why we are going in. i'm not at all sure whether the white house won't still do whatever it wants anyway. what i am sure about is that we viewers were not privilege dwroy the classified briefing these guy has afterwards. the real
Sep 8, 2013 12:30pm PDT
. this is not iraq and not afghanistan. >> iraqi is as big a mess now as it was then. that was senator john mccain getting an earful from a constituent out a town hall meeting. we will get to the public opinion polls in a few minutes. your thoughts about how iraqi and afghanistan have limited the presidents options abroad. shadow of the second more indirect, the lies about the fact that saddam did not have the weapons of mass destruction, are a huge drag on this debate. everything john kerry says, it has to be footnoted 15 times, and then people are looking to shoot bullets through those footnotes. it is a huge drag on the argument because the public, rightly, has a very high bar when it comes to believing these kinds of accusations. has got themssad because somebody used them. that part of the argument is not hard to make. it is the second argument about what we are going to do about it and it will it work. chuck hagel remembers iraq, general dempsey remembers iraq. our intelligence has scrubbed the evidence on this. isaside from anger, there real wariness in this country over now what is going o
Sep 6, 2013 5:30am PDT
they are against such actions, and on the streets, too, it is an unpopular move, with john mccain bearing the brunt. john mccain faced a stormy town hall meeting in his home state of arizona. the cane, one of the main proponents -- john mccain, one of the main proponents of intervention in syria, tried to be reassuring. >> i understand the cynicism, manyar weariness that citizens have. the president will have to make a strong case to get the approval of the american people, and i suggest that he speak directly to the american people. >> congress is divided on both sides of the aisle. republicans such as house speaker john boehner and representative eric cantor are in favor, republicans make up most of the 230 members of commerce who have declared themselves opposed. significant numbers of democrats are speaking up, too. one of the latest to do so is west virginia senator joe manchin, who said it is not the answer. >> the military strike in syria at this time is the wrong course of action. diplomaticaust all options and have a conference of plan before we act. russia, barackn obama is trying to drum
Sep 19, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, caress my skin while i ride horseback come hither john mccain kind of way. putin having a ukrainian stray dog dople gaerdoppleganger, besg in the world. time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> when you run into the street when there is a flashing red light, you are going to get hit by cars and killed. a republican said that about ted cruise today. and what do you think ted cruise did? >> house republicans versus senate conservatives. >> it's easy to focus on the political back and forth. >> defund the president's health care plan. >> obamacare isn't working. >> here in the house we will lead. >> speaker john boehner is caving to tea party pressure. >> i want to commend speaker boehner. >> this is playing with fire. >> i'm not doing that. i'm not doing that. >> guess what? we are going to win the fight over here and get the job done >> i want to commend speaker boehner or leading. >> unimpeachable leadership skills. >> this is a moment for republicans to unite. >> this is playing with fire. >> just going to end in disaster for the republicans. >> you are ent
FOX News
Sep 2, 2013 12:00pm PDT
house with lawmakers, including his one-time republican rival for the presidency, senator john mccain. the senator has been one of the strongest supporters of military action in the civilian war in syria, in fact senator mccain says approximate president obama's plan for limited strikes does not go far enough. >> today's meeting comes after the president's surprise announcement this weekend he would first seek approval from congress before launching any strikes, and tomorrow a senate panel will hear testimony from both the defense secretary chuck hagel and secretary of state john kerry. yesterday secretary kerry rereeled there is more evidence. and blood and hair samples from victims confirm deadly sarin gas was used in the attacks, an attack which the u.s. government claims killed more than 1400 people, including more than 400 children. >> syria's president, bashar al-assad has denied the claims in an interview with the french newspaper he warned any strike on sera woulding notice a powder keg and set off a war. jennifer griffin is at the passenger. let's beginning with ed henry at t
FOX News
Sep 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
and republicans, including john mccain, who will be with me later, have been questioning his strategy if not bashing some of the stuff he said. a friend, david vitter from the fine state of louisiana. senator, 21 hours plus where he was going on and on. it proved to me he would make a darn good tv anchor but it showed he has great lung capacity but did anything come of it? >> i think it absolutely focus the debate and discussion in a positive way. it may have moved some votes. i'm not predicting that harry reid's plan to strip the defund provision out won't happen but he may have moved votes. >> neil: now we're at the point where there's a debate stage. >> the big vote is the chloe tur vote and that's friday. if that passes harry reid would get the select amendments and he would try to pass the bill. >> up and down on a bill that would go back to the house with just keeping the government funded for another few months but without the healthcare. >> if he gets his way. >> neil: a number of democrats told me cruz didn't help the cause much because he has delayed that and put the onus on
FOX Business
Sep 4, 2013 11:00am EDT
and was made more complicated by senator john mccain who is a supporter of intervening in syria, john mccain says according to reuters and associated press that he is not supportive of a bipartisan compromise of a rising the president to attack syria with conditions. john mccain and others on the senate foreign relations committee will have the opportunity to change that compromise proposal at a committee session beginning in 30 minutes of perhaps trying to influence that proposal doesn't mean john mccain is a total no on this. he has in pushing for intervention on syria and there's a lot of process left to go and president obama continues to push congress to approve the use of military force in syria, he says failed to act will reflect poorly on the united states and congress. >> my credibility is not on the line. the international community's credibility is on the line and america and congress's credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important. >> the president refuses to say if he will attack of congress refuses to approve t
FOX News
Sep 4, 2013 8:00am PDT
john mccain, one of the president's allies up to now says he is not in favor of the proposed resolution and the president today saying he did not draw a red line when it comes to syria. the world did. ambassador john bolton weighs in. >>> the big guns making a big push for the obamacare rollout with the deadline less than one month away. can bill clinton win hearts and minds when it comes to the president's signature legislation? karl rove with his take. >>> and a monster takes his own life. kidnapper and rape it ariel castro found hanged in his prison cell. the latest from cleveland just ahead, all "happening now." jon: and good morning to you on this wednesday, lots of action already today on capitol hill as a possible vote on a strike on syria gets closer by the hour. i'm jon scott. jenna: that's what some say. jon: it could happen. jenna: we'll see what happens. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee and the senate foreign relations committee said they could vote as early as today on a draft resolution. it sticks with the president's call for a narrow and limited response to the assad regime'
FOX News
Sep 4, 2013 12:00pm PDT
% of americans swayed oppose the strike. 36% in favor. mike emanuel on capitol hill. john mccain was for it but the new resolution put forward, he made it clear he's against it. >> that's right. the authorization as it's drafted would allow for 60 days of military action, one 30-day extension to military action, no american combat boots on the ground. senator mccain says the authorization should not say regime change in syria but it should say something about reversing battlefield momentum. >> i know that the president of the united states told me and lindsey graham exactly that he favored this change in the momentum and secretary kerry said the same thing so i don't know why they should resist that being a sense of purpose embodied in the legislation. >> reporter: the senate foreign relation committee is fine tuning the language, going over amendments and hope from the top republican and democrat is by the end of the day, they'll be able to vote on this resolution authorizing force in syria. it would go to the full senate after that should it pass. >> shepard: the president insi
Sep 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
tomorrow at the white house. senators john mccain and lindsey graham. mccain has a big question. he wants to know whether he has a plan to take out syria's regime. >> i want to talk to the president. i want to find out whether there is a plan and a strategy. i want to find out whether this is just a pin prick that somehow bashir assad can trumpet he defeated the united states of america. i will say that if congress overrules a decision of the president of the united states on an issue of national security that, could set a catastrophic precedent in the future. it would be very dangerous precedent to be set. >> mccain has much more strong u.s. military action in syria. >> members congress got a look at intelligence on syria from white house, pentagon and state department officials. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash standing by on capitol hill. dana, did law makers have anything to say about the legislation the president sent to the hill? >> reporter: they had a lot to say. first of all, the bottom line is that it's not going to stay as-is. they believe many of them in both pa
FOX News
Sep 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to be a tough sell here at home. arizona senator john mccain who ran against president obama for the white house warns a no vote from congress could be catastrophic. nearly two weeks has passed since the alleged massive and deadly chemical weapons attack inside syria. the u.s. claims the assault killed for man 1400 people including more than 400 children. and secretary of state john kerry says u.s. intelligence concluded with high confidence the syrian government was responsible. over this weekend, president obama has said he has decided to seek approval from members of congress before launching a strike. even though he beliefs he does not need their approval. today the president met with lawmakers including his former rival on the campaign trail. republican senator john mccain ace mentioned after their meeting. senator mccain said the administration is pushing a goal it says degrade and upgrade. >> we do want an articulation of a goal that overtime will degrade bashar assad's capabilities increase and upgrade the capabilities of the free syrian army and the free syrian government. >> harris: ma
FOX News
Sep 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
mccain's office. but the report is he cannot support the syria draft resolution. so we know john mccain was onboard with the president's plan to strike syria. but the suggestion is that the plan has lost teeth. that it is not strong enougher to john mccain. we'll see if we can speak with him coming up. all of that when we take a quick break. we'll be right back in america's newsroom with more. waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at martha: we are back with a quickly moving story on syria. the big question right now is will president obama get the back he's seeking from congress? he needs that back he feels to gain it momentum to pull off a successful snriek syri -- a successful strike in syria to get international support which has been a struggle in this goal. john mccain had been supportive of the president's
Al Jazeera America
Sep 15, 2013 1:00pm EDT
this should never happen again. >> expressing renews doubt about the deal, senator john mccain says it is a sign of weakness and that the u.s. should act with force. >> the president two years ago said bashar al asaad needs to go, i would give them the support they need to change the momentum on the battlefield to lead the negotiated departure of bashar asaad. that has always been the goal. at least certainly stated by the president of the united states. now there is no comment about that, now he is able to have killed 1400 people. and he is killed over 100,000. whereas the united states response to that. >> more on the political fall out on capitol hill and the comments this morning. >> where dims generally welcoming the break through between the russia and the u.s. on syrian weapons. however, for the republican side of the aisle, criticism, particularly from senator john mccain of arizona. he criticized the agreement for giving the rush influence more influence, he said than they have since 1970. yesterday, senators mccain and lindsay graham issues a statement in which they strong
FOX News
Sep 5, 2013 1:00am PDT
mccain says. >> are you saying that john mccain, number one, doesn't know what he is talking about because he denied everything you just said and number two he is trying to deceive the american people? is that what you are saying? >> i'm saying that he and others are under estimating the threat of opponents to assad. they are underestimating. will he they are saying let's go in there and attack assad and get him out of the way because of the chemical attacks are horrid. >> you know more than he does. >> i'm saying is under stating bill initemly to it. >> has john mccain ever been wrong about anything, bill. >> sure, he has been wrong about stuff. spouting off about al qaeda this, al qaeda that. >> i'm not spouting off about something. it's known that al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood has tithes. -- ties. >> i have got to stop it's been a pleasure to talk with both of you tonight. [ laughter ] plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller has some thoughts on syria. can't wait. also on tim tebow getting cut by the new england patriots. and a far left mich
Sep 27, 2013 2:30am PDT
and mccain. but not john mccain. here's what his daughter megan said monday when asked about christie running for president in 2016. >> i used to love chris christie. i'm kind of done with chris christie right now. >> why? >> ever since his speech at the convention, he just talked about himself the entire time. >> christie fired back with a response, even though he said he shouldn't have to. >> it's so ridiculous that i have no response to megan mccain. if john mccain wants to say something to me, happy to respond to something john mccain says. megan mccain has no standing to be kri tooeking me. i'm not going to respond to somebody just because of her last name. >> he would have responded if she were a new jersey citizen. >>> investors hoping stocks close on a positive note after a rough week. major averages avoiding a six-day losing streak. good jobless claims are part of the spark for that one. good morning, jeff. >> good morning to you. away from the markets, we're also keeping an eye on the debt story as well. i'm not talking about the debt ceiling per se. i'm talking about detroi
Al Jazeera America
Sep 2, 2013 8:00am EDT
of the obama cabinet made their push for support. the big name they want in their corner is senator john mccain. he's been invited to the white house today. the arizona senator has been an outspoken critic of white house plans to limit air strikes. in fact, he said the united states' failure to intervene in syria's civil war is shameful. >> aljazeera reports from washington on the obama administration's plan. >> he would ask congress to approval military action against syria. secretary of state john kerry took the lead defending the president's decision. >> the fact is that the president clearly had sufficient case presented to the the american people that assad had engaged in an outrageous crime against humidity and it was vital to take stems. i think the president realized in consultations with the congress that people wanted to weigh in, and he believed after thinking about it that the united states of america is much stronger when we act in concert. >> secretary as herry made the rounds on the the sunday morning shows, citing into evidence that the chemical attack and pushing back against a
Al Jazeera America
Sep 3, 2013 8:00am EDT
relations committee. he has been the white house point man. senators john mccain and lindsey graham met with the president. mccain who has long been in support of taking military action in syria said lawmakers must act. >> if a resolution like this was rejected after the president of the united states has already committed to action, the consequences would be catastrophic. >> mccain said he's meeting with the president with candid and he stressed the very importance of degrading the assad's regime capabilities and upgrading those of the opposition. the president has a lot of work still ahead of him. >> senators john mccain and lindsey graham at the white house monday to hear an people directly from president barack obama. they say his plan doesn't go far enough. they want him to topple the assad government. the president said that's not his plan. what he wants to do, launch cruise missiles add syrian military targets, sending a warning message to president bashar al assad. the senators seemed to indicate they might vote for authorization if the president agrees to give more help to the
Al Jazeera America
Sep 15, 2013 12:00pm EDT
obama's political foes expressed renewed doubt about the deal, senator john mccain saying it is a sign of weakness, and that the sufficient should act with force. the president two years ago said that asaad needs to go. they need to lead to the negotiations departure, that has always been the goal. now there is noment about that. now, he is able to have killed 1400 people. and he has called've 100,000. where is the united states response to that. >> al jazeera has more on the political fall out from capitol hill, and secretary's comments this morning. >> reactions to the frame work deal have predictably split largely along party lines with democrats, generally welcoming the break through between the russian and the u.s. on syrian chemical weapons. however, from the republican side of the aisle, criticism particularly from then john mccain of arizona. he criticized the agreement for giving russians more innuance in the middle east, more influence than they have in 1970. yesterday, he issued a statement in which they strongly criticized the agreement, calling it an act of provock tiff we
Al Jazeera America
Sep 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
's health care law. >> senator john mccain respondses to russian president's vladamir putin's op ed with an opinion piece of his own published in russia. >> a very lucky lottery winner. only one winning ticket for the $400 million jackpot. >> hurricane manuel is causing major devastation in mexico and more rain is expected to put a damper on rescue operations. at least 58 people are missing after the hurricane dumped almost a foot of rain on the west coast, triggering massive mud slides. manuel is the second hurricane to hit mexico in a week, leaving at least 80 dead. now the mexican government is struggling to get food and water to people in need and evacuate those in harm's way. david mercer has more from acapulco. >> desperate for help, hundreds of people have been stranded for days. many have gone without food or drinking water since severe flooding left them homeless. government provided rations are a lifeline, but people say it's not enough. >> we haven't eaten since it started raining. the water took away the children are sick. >> fisherman jose lopez was lucky to have gotten
Sep 4, 2013 2:30pm PDT
were in a hurry to get something on the table. republican john mccain stopped the train leaving the station. >> in the strongest terms that we need to have that provision, it calls for a reversal of in them on the ground battle against bashar assad. many are very doubtful and some have not made up their minds. the committee allowed john mccain to beef up the motion. it is not certain this is what senators will vote on next week, but it is highly likely. long road that leads to military action. while the senate committee was voting, president obama's national security teams been a second straight day on capitol hill. this time they were testifying in front of the house foreign affairs committee. republican tray rate will join me from capitol hill a short time ago. a strikeskeptical of against syria. was there anything the white house could say, the administration could say that would change your mind? >> they basically made their case. i just walked out of a meeting and they made their case. it is the same rhetoric we heard from the administration and they have failed to show me
Sep 14, 2013 12:00pm PDT
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Sep 26, 2013 12:00am PDT
to interpret it and manage it. and if conservatives like cruz want to push hard, while the john mccain wing of the party say we should deal with reality and push for incremental change. >> there is breaking news right now, a reporter got his hands on what the house gop is planning to do on the debt ceiling. and here is the irony, after everyone said what ted cruz was doing was crazy and a stunt, out comes the plan to deal with the debt ceiling deadline, which we know now is october 13th, according to the treasury, that is as unthinkable as delaying to a obama care, that idea is exactly as dead on arrival as ted cruz' plan is. >> right, but just step with me into the conservative world. this is the reality that john boehner is dealing with. the more rational move right now, the better decision is to actually fight for a debt limit battle, maybe even put default on the line to get concessions from the white house, you and i discussed it before. doesn't seem like the best play for the republicans, but for the speaker establishment of the republicans that seems to be the best play on the table.
Sep 4, 2013 10:00am PDT
as best as possible. >> senator john mccain wants a more aggressive authority in the new draft. >> without the provision for reversing the momentum on the battlefield, then conditions are not created for the departure of bashar assad. there is no policy without that. >> would the president act without congressional approval if that would happen? we'll ask white house deputy national security advisor, tony lincoln. >>> and welcome back. two of our favorite jersey boys returned to their anchor chairs last night. we'll bring you the highlights. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. with congress still deeply divided over giving him a green light, president obama today said he retains the right to use military force against syria despite asking for congressional support. >> as commander in chief, i always preserve the right and the responsibility to act on behalf of america's national security. i do not believe that i was required to take this to congress, but i did not take this to congress just because it's an empty exercise. >> tony lincoln is deputy national security advisor to
Sep 25, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, courtesy of senator john mccain, who's no friend of president obama's. mccain's message to ted cruz and other radical right-wingers, when it comes to obamacare, get over it. >> we've fought as hard as we could in a fair and honest manner, and we lost. and we lost -- one of the reasons is, because we in the minority. the elections have consequences. people spoke. they spoke, much to my dismay, but they spoke. and they reelected the president of the united states. all of us should respect the outcome of the elections which reflects the will of the people. >> they lost. john mccain unloaded on cruz with the truth, the truth that was missing during cruz's overnight circus act where he rambled on about dr. seuss and star wars and nazis, and he spread epic miss truths about obamacare. >> millions of people are asking for accountability, for responsibility, for truth from their elected officials. for truth about how obamacare is failing the men and women of america. >> wrong. today an important new report shows for 95% of uninsured americans, obamacare will cost much less than expected. >>
Sep 25, 2013 11:00pm PDT
that, what do we have in this country if we don't have democracy. >> that was john mccain's main point. he said the people have spoken. >> there was a vote. votes mean something. >> or else why have them. >> and if you're going to make comparisons to tumult and democracies of the old style, it's ted cruz who's showing his contempt for democrat eck process here. >> let's, ted cruz made a quick stop at rush limbaugh's radio program to defend his republicans. >> the single biggest surprise on arriving to the senate is the defeatest attitude here. i mean we don't even talk about how to win. let's get a show vote. i promise you, rush, if you had to sit through one senate lunch, you'd be in therapy for a month. >> defeatism. let's go there. the guy, where we headed here, david? >> it was kind of nice to see john mccain come out and try to put down this analogy and this excessive rhetoric that ted cruz is throwing around, but i think in a lot of ways by putting sarah palin on the ticket, john boehner rode into power on the backs of his tea party tiger. they have handed over the keys to the ca
Sep 26, 2013 2:00am EDT
in the 1940s we'd have been listening to them. >> those comments did not sit well with john mccain whose father and grandfather both served in world war ii. here's mccain speaking. >> i resoundingly reject that allegation. that allegation in my view does a great disservice. there were those who went to war because of the barbaric and great threat to civilization and everything we stand for. amongst them were my father and grandfather. i do not agree with that comparison. i think it's wrong. >> there you have it. i want david to start here. i haven't heard anything like this in a long time. and the enemies, an issue of procedure, to those that buckled and are afraid of the nazis. his facts are almost all wrong. i get the point. they're the bad guys. anybody who opposes him is the bad guy buckling to naziism. >> it was very easy to see this silly buster in his own political benefit, because i think it catapulted him ahead of rapid paul in the primary contest for the yahoo vote of republican party which is now the dominant faction of the aren't party. but to have him compare himself to wins
Sep 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
if they vote to shut the government down. >> let's look at what senator john mccain said about this. >> i think senator cruise is free to do what he wants with the rule of the senate. i can tell you in the united states senate we will not repeal or defund obamacare. we will not. and to think we can is not rational. >> not rational, the kind phrase or what i am driving at here. steve schmidt, your former boss, john mccain. what does ted cruise know that john mccain doesn't know. ted cruise is running for the president of the united states. and this fear, is fundamentally about the iowa caucuses. the failure to pass this will simply be evidence of his commitment to true conservatism. the gospel he is preaching out along the campaign trail before very long. there is great anger in the republican party. and they don't fall on deaf ears for the activists based in the republican party. if you are about ted cruz and you care about yourself interest here. this is great politics. because, you know, he is, he is rising at the expense of the party. at the expense of the congressional brand. i think what's
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